Healings & Services

Healings & Services

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Healing Services


Life Activation - DNA Awakening

Full Spirit Activation

Fire Soul Activation - Level 5 Sacred Geometry Healing

Jikiden Reiki

16 Petal Lotus Balancing

Ra Protection Modality

Tree of Life Healing

Kabbalistic Healing

Enochian Healing

Soul Retrieval

EnSofic Ray Alignment

Aura Cleaning

Isis Healing

Emotional Cord Cuttings

Negative Spell Removals

Ancient Crystal Healings & Magick

Ancient Egyptian Aura Healing

Psychic Protection Healing

Starseed Healing – Harmonic Frequency Modification      

Purification by Light

Unified Chakra Awakening

King Salomon Healing Series

The Alchemy of Mind Series 

Etheric Surgery

Spark of Life Remote Healing

Advanced Etheric Matrix Clearing

3rd Eye Crystal Activation for Indigos

Vampire Magick Modality

Hermetic Astrology Reading

Hermetic Rebalancing


Other Services


Space Realization

Creating Sacred Virtual Temple Space

Crystal Vortex Activation for Home/Office

Clearing Homes & Offices

Setting Sacred Space

Good Spell Casting for Fortune & Luck          

Creation of Magick Seals

Advanced Tarot Readings

Etheric Surgery 

The Galactic Activation

Purpose of Life Reading